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The two RV Gypsies at
Coco's Restaurant on Tybee Island
April 15, 2021

USA map showing location of GeorgiaGeorgia map showing locationof Chatham County and Tybee Island

Below: The Tybee Island welcome sign in 2021 and 2014 - Karen Duquette noticed that since their first visit, the big turtle was moved up above the sign were people could not reach it.

Welcome to Tybee Island Sign in 2021 Karen Duquette at the Weloome to Tybee Island Sign in 2014
front side of Coco's Restaurant The two RV Gypsies and Karen Duquette the mermaid

The cat shown below slept by Karen's feet as she ate on the outside back porch of the Coco's Restaurant. There was also a black cat that came around looking for food. The server told the two RV Gypsies the cats' names so they must hang out there all the time.

resident cat at Coco's Restaurant

All the food was great, but Karen really loved the Crab soup

Crab soup at Coco's Restaurant

Below on Left: The view from where the two RV Gypsies sat to eat at Coco's Restaurant. They wanted to sit at the open air upper deck, but it was too windy and cold out. After enjoying a nice lunch, the two RV Gypsies took a walk out to the dock (below on right)

The view from where the two RV Gypsies sat to eat at Coco's Restaurant boats at the dock

Below: Looking back at Coco's Restaurant from the dock where dolphin tours start and end. This sign says the restaurant will cook and serve anything customers caught themselves.

Coco's cooking sign where the two RV Gypsies sat

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