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The two RV Gypsies in Corning, New York
June 22, 2021

USA map showing location of New York State

Corning NY is known as America's Crystal City. The Corning Museum of Glass is the world's largest museum of glass art and artifacts. It holds a GlassFest each May. In Autumn, during The Days of Incandescence, the town transforms back to 1880s and celebrates its role in creating the first light bulbs for Thomas Edison.

Corning New York sign Corning symbol on a tower

Below: As the two RV Gypsies explored the stores in Corning, Lee Duquette spotted two giant black roses hanging overhead.

Lee Duquette pointed to a big black rose big black roses

The Corning Clock Tower at 300 Civic Center Plaza in Corning NY was built in memory of Erastus Corning, by his descendants in 1883. The City of Corning is named for Erastus Corning. The location of the clock tower was and still is in the center of town, located just North of Market Street in Center Square. It is a working, mounted clock.

The Corning Clock Tower
The Corning Clock Tower The Corning Clock Tower
The Corning Clock Tower The Corning Clock Tower
The Corning Clock Tower The Corning Clock Tower
Corning New York Corning New York

Below: The two RV Gypsies followed the brick road to a bridge.

brick path to a bridge brick path to a bridge

Below: Views from each side of the bridge. But there did not seem to be anything of exceptional scenery on the other side of the bridge, so the two RV Gypsies did not proceed any further.

view form the bridge view form the bridge

Below: A working clock in Corning, NY

Below: A melting clock outside of the West End Gallery

clock melting clock
Concert Hall Block sign end of the road

The two RV Gypsies drove past a place claiming to be The world's smallest diner but was unable to stop and check it out. It is located on N. Franklin Street in Watkins Glen NY. They also drove by Watkins Glen State Park, but they could see that it was very full of people. And since they were there in 2013, they did not want to be in such a crowded place on this date.

The world's smallest diner

Below: The two RV Gypsies drove to the address given for the Mark Twain State Park in Horseheads NY. They thought they were going to go to an actual state park, but it just turned out to be a golf course with a real nice Bald Eagle statue out front.

Soaring Eagles Golf Course Bald Eagle Statue

Then it was time for the two RV Gypsies to hop back in their RV and hit the road. Somehow, the trip took them from NY, through a bit of PA and then they were back into NY. So they just saw the short "State Border" sign with no state name because they out of PA and back in NY before they could blink.

funny sign on a semi stat border sign

Below: Passing by the Tioga Downs Casino Resort in Nichols, NY

Below: Lots of bad roads

Tioga Downs Casino Resort in Nichols, NY Lots of bad roads

look below



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