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The two RV Gypsies enjoyed
the unique Benson Visitor Center
249 E. 4th Street
Benson, AZ 85602
September 16, 2022

USA map showing location of Arizona

In the heart of Cochise County, Benson proudly calls itself a stopping point on the Southern Pacific Railroad line is ingrained in the city's culture. The Benson Visitor Center is a must-see place for railroad and train enthusiasts. It is a beautiful replica railroad depot using many of the same architectural features as the original depot that was built over a century ago.

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After parking their car, Karen Duquette took a moment to photograph the wall with different railroad logos. There were seven in all, but Karen could only photograph six of them because of the car parked in front of one of them.

San Pedro Southwestern RR logo Union Pacific RR logo
El Paso Railroad logo Santa Fe Railroad logo
Southern Pacific Lines Railroad logo

Below: Walking in the parking lot which was right next to train tracks, the wall gave way to fence posts, so the two RV Gypsies photographed a train that came by, as shown in the first photo below on the left. Walking just a few steps toward the building, the second picture shown below on the right shows the real train passing in the background above a mural on a section of the fence - how clever.

a real train passing by real train above a train mural

Below: A bench on the deck before entering the Visitor Center. The real train could still be seen passing by on the nearby tracks.

a real train passing by a cute bench

Below: Entering the Benson Visitor Center, the first thing the two RV Gypsies noticed was train tracks all around the interior, just below the ceiling. The train was not moving, but the nice lady working at the Visitor Center asked Lee Duquette if he wanted to drive the train, so of course, he did.

trains in the Benson Visitor Center

Below: Karen Duquette took a short video and another photo of the train as it was going around the tracks. (the video is not posted here). The ceiling fan even had trains on it.

trains in the Benson Visitor Cente trains in the Benson Visitor Cente

awesomeBelow: Lee Duquette driving the train, as the lady signed a special certificate for him.

Lee Duquette driving the train Lee Duquette and his Benson Train Engineer certificate

Below: More interesting things inside the Benson Visitor Center.

Peace on Earth sign Amtrak train poster
an old stove early Highway signs
Union Pacific Train Town USA logo
look below

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