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Canadian flag

Entering British Columbia Canada

British Columbia flag
May 15, 2009
approaching the Canada-USA border
approaching the Canada-USA border
welcome to British Columbia Canada
history bookThe Flag of British Columbia is based upon the shield of the provincial arms of British Columbia. At the top of the flag is a rendition of the Union Flag, representing the province's origins as a British colony, with a setting sun below. The British Columbia flag was introduced on June 14, 1960 by Premier W. A. C. Bennett, and was first flown on board the BC Ferries vessel Queen of Sidney. Some early versions of the flag were reversed, with the Union Flag on the bottom. This was changed as it conflicted with the expression "The sun never sets on the British Empire."The four wavy white and three wavy blue lines symbolize the province's location between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains. The setting sun represents the fact that British Columbia is Canada's western most province. The sun may also reflect the provincial motto "Splendor sine occasu" (beauty that never diminishes) -- or, in other words, the sun that never sets (on the British Empire). In Canada, it could be argued, the Empire lives on in the country's symbols and parliamentary institutions. The Union Flag on top reflects the province's British heritage, while the King Edward crown in the centre represents the Canadian Royal Family. The flag has an aspect ratio of 3:5.
man on roof
report arsonists
Some signs along the highways that the
two RV Gypsies found interesting
Trans Canada 1 sign
Circle Route British Columbia sign
sign of unknown meaning
share the road with bicycles
falling rocks
sign - big horn sheep
pottery sale
Chubby Chicken sign
elk crossing sign
stop sign
sign - golfing and tenting
dump truck sign
sing - watch for fire trucks
sign - Cariboo Gold Rush Trail
sign - dump truck crossing
moose crossing
power lines
sign - truck crossing
sign - do not pass
sign - school bus sign
walk on the left facing traffic
sign = speed limit 100 kmh
sign = speed limit 70 kmh
arrow - checkered
sign - Welcome to Barkerville
sign - welcome to the Kamloops Forest District
sign = bicycle in tunnel when flashing
sign - truck crossing
sign - welcome to Spences bridge
sign - Landfills solution
sign - Landfills - what to do
Elvis Cafe
sign - Experience Hope
sign - Fraser Canyon
sign - welcome to Yale
Two crazy drivers - too bad their license plate number didn't show up in these photos so they could be reported - they almost caused accidents several times.
report aggressive drivers sign
BELOW: first this truck passed
our big RV in a no-passing zone
BELOW: then the truck tried to pass
4 small RV's at the same time a car tried to pass
semi pulling too flat beds passing in a no passing zone
both trying to pass
Now they are both trying to get in front of one of the RV's because a car is coming around the corner. (note: the RV's were driving the speed limit so there was no need for this kind of aggressive driving).
the car gets in just in time
the turck pushes the RV out of the way
The car and truck get in front of one RV, and the car tries to pass another RV but a car is coming around the corner
the truck forces its way in
the car would pass another RV but a car is coming
The four RV's were visitors from Germany, traveling together in rented RV's. After this ridiculous happening, the four of them pulled off the road to let the car and truck pass them all, so they can all calm down and regroup.
Note: Everyone the two RV Gypsies met in British Columbia has been very friendly, polite, helpful, and seems to be genuinely happy. Even workers in stores have a smile on their face and are more than helpful.
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