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The Enchanted Forest
Trans-Canada Highway
British Columbia
August 6, 2015

map showing location of The Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest had various hours depending on the date, so call 1.866.944.9744 before you go.

The Enchanted Forest is a unique attraction situated in one of BC’s beautiful old growth forests in Canada’s Monashee mountains, located midway between Revelstoke and Sicamous on the Trans Canada Highway. Skytrek Adventure Park is at the same location but the two RV Gypsies did not visit it because Karen wanted to go to the Hot Springs.

sign: Welcome to the Enchanted Forest the entrance to The Enchanted Forest

When entering The Enchanted Forest, the first area is the adventure area for children. There were over 350 handcrafted figurines in amongst 800 year old cedars. Karen Duquette only took a few pictures in this area.

handcrafted figurine handcrafted figurines
handcrafted figurines Shovel Back Hammerhead Turtle
children's poem
Mary's Garden
swans and mermaid figurines

Below: Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil

Three Little Kittens, Lost Their Mittens

Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil kittens lost their mittens

Below: The tree house where children can climb up, in and around an uniquely crafted tree house set in giant roots, boulders and stumps. It was labeled "British Columbia's tallest, grandest tree house." It rises 50 feet into the forest canopy.

BC's tallest tree house

Then it was on to the Nature Walk Area

The self-guided Wildland Interpretive Nature Walk is a wonderful 2 kilometer walk through a lush BC forest, with a variety of trees including Fir, Cedar, Hemlock, White Spruce and Cottonwood Trees and a giant 800 year old cedar grove!

Nature Walk map Nature Walk sign
Western Red Cedar sign Western Red Cedar trees
Prickly Points on Devils Club flower sign about Devils Club flower
Devils Club flower Devils Club flower

Along the boardwalk there was a natural display of plants, herbs and roots. Devil's Club often reach a height of 11 to 12 feet. Giant woodland ferns grow in abundance similar to those of a rain forest.

Wetland Boardwalk sign
Lee Duquette on the boardwalk the boardwalk
low clouds low clouds and a beaver pond
boardwalk river stream
beaver sign
beaver dam beaver dam
water boardwalk
sign about Hard Hack flower
Hard Hack flower
Hard Hack flower Hard Hack flower
boardwalk Marsh
sign about Bulrush

Below: Leaving the Boardwalk and going up a steep area for more nature.

a steep uphill a steep uphill
looking down from the steep hill looking down from the steep hill

Lee didn't take any photos, so Karen took a selfie - but she used a real camera with a lens much bigger than on a cell phone, so Karen could not see what she was getting in the photo.

Karen's selfie
marsh marsh

Below: A silly sign on a tree.

A silly sign on a tree
certificate box Enchanted Forest certificate

Below: The end of the trail and a short tunnel to the gift shop of course!

tunnel to the gift shop Lee Duquette
the rabbit is late the rabbit's end
look below

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