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Urgent news

Urgent News and and other interesting things for RVers and travelers - please scroll all the way to the bottom of this page for lots of useful information - and click on the underlined links. Some of these facts could save your trip from disaster. Also included in this sections is a link to campgrounds, restaurants, special fuel information, and some fun travel things.

bullet Here are some links to a website that offers lots of resources to people interested in learning more about RVs and the RV lifestyle, plus renting RVs:

bullet A comprehensive guide to RC Parks and campgrounds, including park type and visitor etiquette

bullet A through collection of games, puzzles, and other free activities for kids on long RV trips.

bullet A detailed introduction to the various types of RVs, their features, driving advice and more:

A helpful hint to anyone planning on traveling in an RV, as suggested by someone other than the two RV Gypsies: "Hi, I'm in GA practicing for full time. I bought a 5th wheel last summer and am "camping" on a friends property to work out bugs and issues before setting of.( and saving/searching for the right truck). I would recommend doing this to other potential full-time RVers, as it has really been helpful in making modifications and fixing bugs before begging the FT lifestyle."

- Great suggestion! Actually when the two RV Gypsies first bought their RV, they took short week-end trips to test everything out before they hit the road. (That's the photos that are under the Photos button above).

IMPORTANTIf you drive an RV or a big truck, you need this web page - a link to tunnels in the USA -
IMPORTANTTwo-Lane Roads - Wide-body RVs and narrow roads - Can a wide-body RV be driven on a two-lane road?   article by the editor of Two-Lane Roads magazine, Loren Eyrich

There is a book called "The Next Exit". The two RV Gypsies highly recommend this book if you drive an RV or even just a car on USA interstate highways. It lists what can be found off the exits of the interstate highways, stores, gas, restaurants, rest stops and more. If it is RV friendly, and easy to drive through and park an RV, it is listed in red print/ Diesel is also listed in red print. It is reprinted each year.


Rand McNally makes a GPS just for RVs and so does Garmin. You enter your RV model, make, size, weight, the amount of propane you are carrying, height, tow vehicle type and model, and other such information and it helps keep you away from low bridges, roads that have a weight limit, dead end streets, and such. The two RV Gypsies feel much more secure in driving with this GPS.

If you are driving an RV to Alaska, be sure to read this page about the Alaska Highway in the Yukon Territory.

Choose from one of the four (4) links below for more useful and helpful RV information

importantnote from the year 2008: If you are in an RV and traveling on I-75 in Florida, the Flying J at exit 285 is very poorly designed for RV's trying to get diesel fuel, in the opinion of the two RV Gypsies. There are only two pumps, and although the two RV Gypsies were only second in line, they almost blocked the entrance while waiting. Plus, the width of the space between the pumps is just barely wide enough for a big class A coach. If an RV were to be there getting propane, that RV would block entry to one of the diesel pumps. There is a truck entrance to separate pumps, and the two RV Gypsies recommend RVers use that area. Another point of interest is that the cost of the diesel on the day that the two RV Gypsies stopped at this Flying J was 20 cents per gallon higher than just down the road.

Choose from one of the four (4) links below for more useful and helpful RV information

clipart - happy faceFUN TRAVEL STUFF

While traveling in our RV (known as AWO - All We Own) we:
bullet have been in every state in the continental USA, plus the USA state of Alaska (Hawaii too, but not in the RV)
bullet have traveled through a All of the Canadian Presidencies except two - the Northwest Territories and Nunvut. And we have found something fun, amazing, unusual and beautiful everywhere.
bullet have been stunned by the amazing scenery - especially in Alberta Canada (Jasper, Banff)

bullet Saw the Northern Lights
bullet checked out some strenuous hiking trails (including the tallest mountain in Texas)
bullet made friends with some animals - (Karen almost got run over by a bunch of deer) Lee had a squirrel run up his leg.
bullet saw the giant Sequoia and Redwood trees
bullet went to Yosemite National Park and saw Bridalveil Fall and El Capitan
bullet enjoyed the colorful wildflowers everywhere
bullet spotted and photographed the following wildlife: black bear, grizzly bears, elk, Pronghorn antelope, moose, caribou, white goats, big horn sheep, a bobcat, bison (buffalo), goats, red foxes, a black fox, alligators, manatees, giant iguanas, a gopher tortoise, wild turkeys, deer, boar, groundhogs, quail, squirrels, chipmunks, butterflies, sand cranes, black swans, white swans, ground squirrels, red squirrels, black/gray squirrels, peacocks, seagulls, wild horses, and ducks (plus wolves but they were in a sanctuary - no longer total wild)
bullet gave a tour of our RV to Elvin Hayes (who was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1990)
bullet marveled at stunning waterfalls, ate lunch under waterfalls, & even swam under some waterfalls
bullet made a lot of new friends on the road
bullet paddled canoes and kayaks down rivers
bullet rode lots of roller coasters - and got spoiled at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio
bullet met some long-lost relatives, and visited lots of other relatives and friends around the USA
bullet enjoyed private hot springs and massages

bullet met and had lunch with Dallas Seavey who finished 6th in the 2009 Iditarod race and first in many other years.
bullet took a jet boat ride under Niagara Falls, and got soaked at Cave of the Winds
bullet had several major RV breakdowns and several toad cars died
bullet one really bad ATV crash, a major injury on a trampoline, almost drowned under an upside-down canoe
rode numerous Segways, ATVs, ziplines, Alpine slides, aerial trams (gondolas), chair (ski) lifts, roller coasters, jet skis, boating, plus we did indoor snow tubing, Zorbing in a giant ball, outdoor tubing in water and down slides, tipped over in a canoe, rolled down a 70-foot hill of grass, took helicopter and float plane tours, rode in a hot air balloon, been in an ice hotel/museum,.soaked in natural hot springs, walked and swam under waterfalls, walked on many swinging suspension bridges, and a lot more.

bullet The weather we have encountered: sunny & warm, cloudy, cold, rainy, foggy, extra windy, hail, and even a tropical storm in Maine.
bullet We will stop traveling when we have seen it all, or we wake up from this dream, or are broke, or too old to drive, or too sick to continue. Not expecting any of the above to happen soon or at all for that matter.

UNTIL THEN - Lots of love and hugs to all - please keep following our travels and keep in touch. We miss you. Ta!

What makes us good RVers! We don't have much money- just enough to get by, and not many possessions, but we do have a lot of love and respect for each other, and we love travel, the outdoors, meeting new people, and having fun!
If you are an RV Gypsy and would like to link to the web site of these Two RV Gypsies, please e-mail Karen.
I will NOT link to a business site however - only for helpful things for RVers.
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