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Karen's surprise retirement party
April 15, 2008

Line-dance friends gave Karen a surprise retirement party during a line dance class. They gave her a USA vest and a decorated sailor's hat to wear. Karen did not realize her husband Lee was behind the post because he did not usually attend the dance class.
Lee & Karen
Karen's retirement party
Karen's retirement party
stella cabeca and karen duquette

Karen's retirement plaque

Karen's retirement plaque
Karen's retirement party
sandy mendelow
signature book


Ophie Oquendo
Karen's retirement party
Karen's retirement party
Karen's retirement party
U.S. Navy blanket
U.S. Navy blanket
bye bye karen
bon voyage Lee and Karen sign

Karen gets wished her well on her travels by her dance friends

Special thanks from Karen

  • to Sandi Mendelow for the U.S. Navy blanket. All I can say is WOW! And you remembered I had wolves in my RV so you found a card with wolves. The verbiage on the "Karen's Haute Couture" sign is amazing. I will really miss you.

  • to Stella Cabeca - thanks for the neat special recognition plaque and all the time and effort you put into surprising me with this thoughtful tribute. I appreciate the time you took from your dance classes to wish Lee and me well on our travels.

  • to Barbara Loughman - I love the collectors egg in red white and blue

  • to Judy - thanks for the bracelet

  • to Charlotte Morris - thanks for the calligraphy, and the dance belt.

  • to Tippi Lewis - thanks for the satay seasoning mix

  • to Bob - thanks for making the hats.

  • to Gerri & Heather - Lee really wants to thank you for the 2008 Atlas. He loves it - It will make travel plans easier and faster.

  • to Dottie Weiss - I will think of you when I make Margaritas, as always.

  • to Laura- thanks for the photos

  • and to everyone thanks for the decorations, food, hugs, well wishes, and for mostly just being yourself. You all have a special place in my heart. There isn't much better in life than being lucky enough to know wonderful people who are great friends!

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start of the RV tripBefore starting their first RV trip, Karen and Lee had to spend time living in their RV at Markham Park, while waiting for Lee to retire.