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The two RV Gypsies went to the Formal Gardens
in Rapid City, South Dakota
May 19, 2016

William Noordermeer Formal Gardens are named for William Noordermeer who served as the Superintendent of Rapid City Parks from December 1965 through February 1985. Bill was instrumental in designing many of the gardens in Rapid City. The Formal Gardens are located in Sioux Park on Canyon Lake Drive. These gardens have over 10,000 annuals and perennials arranged in over 70 beds designed in a European formal design. The unusual and unique flowers are labeled and the beds have grass walkways to encourage visitors to examine the floras.

sign William Noordemeer Formal Gardens flowers and the sundial

The two RV Gypsies really liked the Sundial.

Sundial Sundial

Below: A closer look at the shadow of the sundial, and the cement arrow under the giant sundial.

Sundial shadow Sundial
Lee Duquette at the sundial Sundial

A small walking bridge and a view from each side of the bridge.

view from the bridge view from the bridge
Herbs sign and flowers flowers
sitting bench and trees bushy tree
flowers flowers

From the gardens, the two RV Gypsies saw Dinosaur Park high up on the hill, so they decided to find out how to drive up there. Photos and history of Dinosaur Park can be reached via the SD menu below.

big dinosaur at Dinosaur Park on the hill

Menu for the two RV Gypsies in South Dakota
Sites 12-15
May 15-20, 2016

You may view these adventures in any order your choose.

(There is also a link to Wyoming at the bottom of this page)

bullet S.D. Welcome Center/Rest Area/travel (site 12)

bullet Travel photos in South-Central SD

bullet Mitchell Corn Palace - site 13

bullet Badlands Petrified Gardens - site 14

bullet Wall Drug, the Jackalope and more- site 14

bullet Rapid City, The Berlin Wall, and more- site 15

bullet Bear Country USA

bullet Chapel in the Hills

bullet Cosmos Mystery Area

bullet Dinosaur Park in Rapid City

bullet Formal Gardens and sundial in Rapid City

bullet Pactola Lake, part of Black Hills National Forest

bullet Presidential Statues in Rapid City

bullet Marlins Restaurant


bullet Sioux City North KOA in North Sioux City, SD

bullet Hills RV Park in Plankinton, SD

bullet Belvidere East Exit 170 KOA in Midland, SD

bullet Three Flags RV Park in Black Hawk, SD

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