The Two RV Gypsies: Full-Time RVers in 2010

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USA 2010  travel map
clipartScroll down for a detailed itinerary for the two RV Gypsies, details of what is found under the numbers on the above map, plus links to the photos. Numbers are placed as close as possible to their real location within each state, but cannot be placed exactly.
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Travels of the two RV Gypsies in the year 2010
butterfly bullet 1. The two RV Gypsies spent time in Broward County Florida with family - holidays and more fun.
butterfly bullet2a. Menu to the west coast of Florida, April 19 - 24, 2010
butterfly bullet2b. April 19, 2010 - visiting a friend in Englewood, Florida
butterfly bullet 2c. April 19, 2010. Gasparilla Island State Park
butterfly bullet2d. Bee's RV Resort - Central Florida ( April 20 - 22, 2010)
butterfly bullet2e. April 22, 2010 - Visiting friends at The Villages - Central Florida
butterfly bullet2f. April 24, 2010 - Lee's Travel Park - Largo, Florida and Arline Winerman's line dance workshop and 75th birthday
butterfly bullet2g. April 24, 2010 John's Pass - a quaint turn-of-the-century fishing village in Pinellas County

butterfly bullet 3a Big Sulphur Springs in White Springs, Florida and Lee's Country Campground. April 27, 2010

butterfly bullet 3b Big Shoals State Park: The two RV Gypsies visited this area on April 27, 2010 (and April 1, 2009). Both sets of photos can also be reached through #2 on the above map because it is fun to compare how different the same trip has been - the photos are quite different.
butterfly bullet4. April 28, 2010 - The two RV Gypsies went to McDonough, Georgia to visit their daughter's future mother-in-law and sister-in-law.

butterfly bullet5. Yonah Mountain Campground in the mountains of northern Georgia near the Chattahoochee River - April 29, 2010

butterfly bullet6 - April 30, 2010 - May 3, 2010 - A multiple choice menu that includes a visit to Karen's friend Dottie Colston, plus the towns of Helen and Cleveland. Plus Babyland General Hospital - the home of the Cabbage Patch Dolls (several years combined), several campgrounds, and lots of fabulous waterfalls in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

While leaving Georgia and heading into North Carolina, the two RV Gypsies answered a phone call from the District Attorney in Orlando and were given notice that they MUST return to Orlando, Florida for Douglas Lively's murder trial. However, there was still a bit of time before the two RV Gypsies had to head back, so with heavy hearts they remained in North Carolina and even traveled a bit north for a short time before heading south to Orlando in their RV for the trial.
butterfly bullet7. May 4 - 7, 2010. North Carolina menu - Boone, Grandfather Mountain and The Mile High Swinging Bridge, the zip line, Blowing Rock, Linville Gorge and Falls.
butterfly bullet8. May 8 - 12, 2010. North Carolina menu - Chimney Rock, Hooker Falls, Triple Falls, High Falls, and Hickory Nut Falls. plus a Segway tour of Asheville.
butterfly bullet9. May 13, 2010. Travelers Rest and Greenville, South Carolina - and The Liberty Bridge at Falls Park on the Reedy.
butterfly bullet10. May 14, 2010 (combined with May 2008) North Shore Resort (an ROD resort) and Lake Oconee, in Greensboro, Georgia

butterfly bullet11. May 20 - 25, 2010 - A menu for Georgia - Jekyll Island and the waterpark, St. Simons Island and Lighthouse, Fort Frederica - Savannah Segway tour, Amelia Island and American Beach, Burney Park, Amelia Island Lighthouse, Fort Clinch and more.

butterfly bullet 12. May 27, 2010 - The two RV Gypsies went to Okefenokee Swamp in Folkston, Georgia. Check out the photos of the beautiful waterways, the Swamp Island Drive, and lots of alligators. Plus a Flashback to June 1978.

May 28, 2010 - The two RV Gypsies drove into Tennessee and parked the RV at a KOA. Then the next day they drove straight on to Orlando, Florida. (Karen took a few photos- but did not post them)

When the two RV Gypsies returned to Orlando, Florida they discovered that even though the District Attorney called them to come back for Douglas Lively's murder trial, the trial had been delayed, so a few days later, the Two RV Gypsies headed north in their RV motorhome once again.

bullet13a. June 10, 2010 - Cave City, Kentucky. The two RV Gypsies visited Kentucky Down Under and the Kentucky Caverns (Mammoth Onyx Cave).

bullet13b. June 11, 2010 - The two RV Gypsies went to The Kentucky Action Park to experience Big Mike's Mystery Fun House, the Alpine slide, Mammoth Cave National Park, and more.
But then Lee Duquette fell and had surgery, so they had to stay put in Kentucky for 6 very long and hot weeks. Karen Duquette was alone in the RV. Then the surgeon said Lee could travel, but had to return in three weeks for a checkup. So the two RV Gypsies went to visit friends in Indiana and relax awhile before returning to Kentucky for the medical checkup.
bullet14. July 17, 2010 - Yogi Bear Campground, and other places in Scott County, Indiana - Pigeon Roost Monument, overlook of Ohio Valley at Clark forestry, Wilcox Lake, Bowen Lake, Leota Covered Bridge, and the overlook of Scott County.

bullet July 18, 2010 - The two RV Gypsies stopped in Lebanon, Indiana to visit their maid-of-honor and one of their bridesmaids from almost 45 years ago - no photos were taken because Lee Duquette could not move around much so they just enjoyed time with friends.

bullet 15. July 22 - 23, 2010 . Monticello, Indiana - Wolf Park in Battle Ground, Indiana, and Wabash and Erie Canal (three pages including the Suspension Bridge).
bullet 16. July 24, 2010 - The two RV Gypsies made a brief stop at the New Buffalo Welcome Center in Michigan where they learned a lot of the state of Michigan. Then they drove to "American Campgrounds" in Hartford, Michigan to hook up their RV.

bullet 16 July 25, 2010 - The two RV Gypsies visited Warren Dunes State Park and climbed the 260 foot sand dune

They also played in the waves at Lake Michigan.

bullet 17. July 29,2010 - The two RV Gypsies went to The Portage Lakefront and Riverwalk in Portage, Indiana and from the pier could see Gary, Indiana and Chicago, Illinois, plus a lighthouse that was in Michigan City.

Then the two RV Gypsies went to Michigan City, Indiana to climb some DUNES AT CENTRAL BEACH and wade in Lake Michigan again. Then on to see MOUNT BALDY. Then on to Washington Park to get a close-up look at the LIGHTHOUSE and swim in Lake Michigan. All of these are reached from the one menu.

bullet 18. August 1, 2010 - Now the two RV Gypsies returned to Lebanon, Indiana (for the third time); visiting friends again. Lee Duquette still needed some rest time, and Karen Duquette just wanted to kick back with friends and enjoy. See the photo of friends in 1966 and now in 2010.
bullet 19. August 2, 2010 - The two RV Gypsies went to Louisville, Kentucky for Lee Duquette's doctor visits.
bullet August 3, 2010 - Although it was 99 degrees outside, they briefly went to the Falls of The Ohio in Clarksville, Indiana.

Because Lee Duquette still was NOT feeling well, the two RV Gypsies did a bunch of stopovers in various campgrounds to get from Kentucky to Florida. No adventures or photos were taken during this time.

bullet 20. August 10, 2010 - The two RV Gypsies stopped at a rest stop along I-75 in Gainesville, Florida and enjoyed the Snake Wall at the Paynes Prairie Rest Stop
bullet- 21 - Once again, the two RV Gypsies had to return to Broward County Florida so that Lee could rest from his injury and surgery, September 2010 family time
While Lee rested in the RV in Broward County, Karen went on a cruise October 17-24 with line dance friends.
bullet Photos taken in Broward County, Florida with family and friends. through the remainder of the year 2010
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