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In loving memory of our son,
Brian Lee Duquette

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This page is written so that the latest news is first.

But by scrolling down the page, the entire tragic story can be read.

May 7, 2012Urgent News
The trial of Douglas Lively is over. The jury has ruled that Douglas Lively is guilty of first degree murder of our son Brian Duquette. Douglas got life in prison - no parole. Now we can forget about Douglas and the very violent act that he did and just remember the good times with our son Brian. We will always love and miss Brian so much. The jury only deliberated one hour and 10 minutes and much of that time was probably picking a foreman. Guess there was zero doubt, maybe a record for a murder trial. After the jury was dismissed, most or all of the jury members returned to the courtroom to hear the sentencing, and they don't have to do that and we were told that they seldom do that.

I need people to know that Brian Duquette did NOT have a police record and was never accused nor arrested for any reason. Nor did his parents or sister. Brian never had any problems until he met the Lively's. Brian helped many people that were down and out and the Lively's were his downfall. I warned Brian about helping strangers. But Brian wanted to help people that were less fortunate than himself. Brian was raised in a family with no police records, and was raised properly to be a good, outstanding citizen.

Now that the trial is over, the judge said jurors can talk or not talk about the case, so that includes us. No family member of Brian ever talked to any juror or witness in the case before or during the trial. Many lies were told about Brian during the trial because Douglas had to try to defend himself by painting Brian as a bad guy, and this was done by TRYING to paint Brian as a bad person. Hopefully, juror members did not believe any lies about Brian's personality and life. Brian was a college graduate with a degree and any money he had earned was in an HONEST, lawful manner. It is our opinion that if you put a bad person with a good person who is trying to turn the bad person around, that does not happen; for some strange reason the bad person can influence the good person more than the good person can influence the bad person.

Although our Brian is lost to us forever, we are thankful for so many reasons:

a- that Douglas was unable to dispose of Brian's body after the murder; this was indicated as a possibility of intent of action by the fact that after Brian was murdered, Brian was wrapped in a blanket by the front door as if ready for transport.

b - that people called to testify told the truth about the gems, ID's and credit cards being found, and all other stuff.

c - that the car was not destroyed by Douglas, and carpet fibers were in the car.

d - Douglas' DNA was under Brian's fingernails and nowhere else on Brian.

e - that justice was served, even though that will not bring Brian back to us. A big weight has been lifted off our shoulders, and we intend to not think about Douglas Lively, but to continue to remember the many wonderful things about our son, Brian Duquette.

In conclusion: Brian did NOT deserve to have his life ended in such a nasty, intentional extremely violent manner. And Douglas Lively can not ever hurt anyone else in any way shape or form.

As you scroll down this page, you will learn as much as we know about the tragedy that Brian Lee Duquette encountered, and previous movement or non-movement in the case. At the bottom of this page is the original report from the Sentinel reporter Sarah Lundy on Brian Duquette's murder.
clipart - red angy face January 2012 - Another year, more holidays without Brian Lee Duquette in our lives. It doesn't get any easier. I don't cry any less. The hole in my heart doesn't heal. No word on a trial yet. I don't even know how to deal with the trial when it does happen. Why can't this be a nightmare in dream, instead of our real-life nightmare? We miss Brian so darn much and it hurts. I still cry daily for Brian. He will never get to meet his niece's baby, little Anthony Brian. Does his killer get to watch TV, laugh at a comedy, enjoy any part of life in jail -- well probably some - but Brian never will again. It just isn't right.
clipart - red angy faceJuly 4 , 2011- The 4th of July has lost all its joy for us, and I can't bear to celebrate that day anymore. The whole country is celebrating, but my son can't. The hole in my heart just won't heal. Thanks to all of Brian's friends that take the time out of their busy lives to call or e-mail us. That is much appreciated. We have endured three long years without our son in our lives. But Brian is in our thoughts every day. Although we have learned that our lives must go on and we must enjoy all that we can, we have not stopped crying over this tragedy. Brian deserves to be on this earth enjoying his life. His accused murderer, Douglas Lively, does not! The trial still has not happened and this is another tragedy. The trial will not change much but it should put a guilty label on Douglas.
clipart - red angy face It is our understanding that the trial will not be held for awhile - maybe not even this year- when will it really happen!!!!! It will be 3 years in July this year. We have such a big hole in our hearts that will never close.......
6/6/10 - Well, we drove back to Orlando and met with the Detective and the Prosecutor and were informed that Douglas Lively no longer wants a speedy trial and so the trial has been moved to December. Wanted to get it over with, but all that really matters is that Douglas Lively gets life in prison without parole when this trial is finally over. Nothing will bring our beloved son, Brian Lee Duquette back to us though. Brian had such a great future going for him and Douglas took that away. It is hard to believe it has been almost 2 years, the pain is still so tremendous.
5/6/10 Brian's alleged murderer, Douglas Lively, is in jail in Orlando. There is a trial pending for June 7, 2010 in Orlando. I pray for a guilty verdict. Nothing else is acceptable. The death penalty would be great too. It is bad enough that Douglas took our son's life, but now for the second time we have to change our travel plans and rearrange our entire life because of him. God, how this all hurts so much.
2/12/10 - Thanks to an e-mail we received from somebody who knew Douglas Lively, we contacted the detective handling the case of our beloved son's murder, and he checked into this situation. The time Douglas Lively served in Mississippi jail was up. He is being extradited to Orange County Florida in the very near future. We appreciate that there are people following this horrific crime and helping us keep abreast of the situation. It has been over a year and a half since our precious son was murdered and yet no date has been set for the trial of his accused murderer Douglas Lively. We continue to live on because we don't have a choice, but our hearts are heavy and the tears still fall down our faces every day. Brian did not deserve this, and sometimes I find it hard to believe Brian is gone. The original information about this case is posted below, so scroll down. When the case goes to trial, or any other news develops about Brian Duquette's case, it will be posted at the top of this page.

Sentinel reporter Sarah Lundy's original report on
Brian Duquette's murder

Robbery appears to be the motive in the slaying of Brian Duquette, who was found dead in his home July 4 after neighbors found his dog roaming the streets, according to Orlando police.

On Wednesday, authorities arrested and charged 32-year-old Douglas Allen Lively with first-degree murder and armed robbery. He was being held in the Harrison County Jail in Mississippi on unrelated charges, said Orlando police Detective Michael Moreschi.

Lively, who lives in Gulfport, Miss., was in Orlando last month for a court hearing. He was staying with Duquette, 39, who was a close friend of Lively’s brother. But Lively told investigators he was on a bus back to Mississippi when the July 3 killing occurred.

Authorities disagree, saying Lively took part in the killing, stole computer equipment, and left in Duquette’s green 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee and headed back to Gulfport. The vehicle was recovered in Gulfport on July 17, Moreschi said.

Detectives are not saying how Duquette died. The investigation continues, Moreschi said, and others may be involved.

Duquette was manager of software development for Tribune Interactive, which handles online operations for Tribune Co.’s TV stations, Web sites and daily newspapers, including the Orlando Sentinel. He left the company — after nearly nine years — when his position was eliminated this summer.
Duquette’s father, Lee, said his son was sending out résumés and had hoped to move to California.

Now, the elder Duquette struggles to cope with the loss of his son.
“This a little bit of a relief, knowing they have someone in custody,” Lee Duquette said. “Maybe now my wife can stop crying. ..... At least someone can be brought to justice for this.”

He did not know Lively but had heard his son talk about him.

“I know that Douglas Lively was one of the people that my son helped in the past ..... as far as when he was down and out,” Lee Duquette said.

The grieving father said he never understood what the saying “No good deed goes unpunished” meant.

“Now, I know,” he said. “You help people and it turns on you.”

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