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In loving memory of our son,
Brian Lee Duquette

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SOME of the letters and comments ABOUT Brian from family, friends and co-workers that actually knew Brian. If your letter did not get posted, please let me know.
The family appreciates all the prayers, thoughts, poems, cards, phone calls, and donations sent to CrimeLine. Knowing so many people cared about Brian really helps.

I am Steven Steinfeld. I am sure you have heard my name many times in the past , as have your daughter Renee. And I hope you remember me as well. Some of the pictures you have posted on Brian's site are either in a hat we had bought together in New Orleans or in my home on my couch in Jan 1992. It deeply saddens me to have to write this letter, as I am just now finding out about the passing of my dear friend that I cherish so many memories of. Such as going to high school together, to us working at Publix together, and growing up together. He was at my side when our friend Jon died in 1994, and I came up to see him in Orlando when Greg passed. I am just sorry that no one had got a hold of me last summer so I could pay my respects. Brian use to stay with me when he came down to visit you guys and drop off China at your home. This year was a busy one for me and when I did not hear from him around the holidays I assumed it was because you guys did not live here anymore. I really wish that was the reason I did not see him at Christmas time. I never realized it was due to such a tragic event.

I do not know what to do or say, I am at a loss for words and full of emotion. I am sorry for your loss just does not seem to be enough. I did get in touch with other long time friends that Brian had touched over the years informing them of his passing. If you could get in touch with me and let me know where Brian is buried or if he was cremated, I really would like the chance that I missed to pay my final respects. I will miss him dearly. He was the oldest friends I had. We met in Mr. Linche’s 1st period class in 10th grade when he first moved to Coral Springs. Although his move to Orlando but some distance between us as well and time and age, he still was close to my heart and meant a great deal to me. Your son was a wonderful man and brought great joy to my life. He was one of the few people that I have met that I felt I could always count on. My god bless you and your family, Brian will always be in my thoughts and prayers. I will miss him dearly.

I found out about the tragic events through a common friend Brian and I have named Tom Sokolosky. I believe it was a company call New River Technologies where Brian hired Tom and they worked together. Upon hearing the news from Tom (he said he was on line looking up old friends and found out) the first thing I did was call Brian's phone. Because I could not believe such a thing and I was certain Tom had made some kind of error. When the message came up that the number was not in service my heart dropped and I called my mother and asked her to google Brian's name along with Orlando, and my mother clicked on what came up. The news from the Orlando Sentinel along with your website came up. As soon as I got in from work and had access to my own PC I looked for myself. I read it all and cried in shock and disbelief. My wonderful friend of so many years is gone. But I have a more memories of wonderful times from trips to the Keys with his corvette to times hanging out or should I say "Veggin Out" at one another's house enjoying some time off of work and or school. Please feel free to call me at anytime. I just hope you know how close your son and I were, and I share your sorrow. A big part of my life is gone and will never be the same again. I am so angry at the person that could have done this to my dear life long friend. I promise you your son will never be forgotten, but he will always be missed. Brian's friend, Stephen - April 6, 2009

Karen and Lee:
Just wanted to relay my sympathies to you on the untimely death of your son. I worked at Tribune, but I did not know him personally. I only heard good things about Brian. I hope that they catch his killer and that you get justice for Brian.

Karen and Lee,
I wanted to say how sorry I was to hear about Brian.

Brian first reached out to me and my team last spring to grow Orlando's presence on the iPhone. I truly enjoyed working with him -- and the fact that my project was not even on his job description made me respect him even more. He said he worked on iPhone apps at home in his spare time.

I'm glad that I had met him during one of his trips to Chicago. I got laid off in June and was shocked to hear that he got laid off as well -- and now this. I am truly sorry.

He is truly a unique individual and will be in my prayers. - From a former Tribune Employee in Chicago

To Brian's family:
I worked with Brian at the Sentinel for many years on projects for the Web. He was very good at his job, and I enjoyed working with him. I always thought he was a perfectionist and admired his work ethic. But he also could be very funny, and I will remember more his laughter and joking back and forth with him when I saw him at work. He will be remembered fondly by the people he touched at the Tribune Company in many parts of the nation. My prayers are with you all during this time. Kris Hey, Maitland, Florida
Dear Duquette Family, I am terribly saddened to hear about the tragic loss of Brian. He came into the grooming shop where I work every 6 weeks with China who I've been grooming for the past 4 years. He loved his dog and was always very appreciative. He was a nice guy and I'll miss seeing them both in the shop. My sincere sympathies and prayers are with you and yours.
Patti Smith, Orlando, Florida
My prayers are with Brian and his family. I had the privilege of working with him for four years at Tribune Interactive in Chicago and I always appreciated his professionalism, his integrity, and his ability to laugh at himself. He will be sorely missed.
Paul Mack, Chicago, Illinois Friday, July 11, 2008
My prayers go out to Brian's family through this rough time. I never got the pleasure of meeting you but I did know Brian for about 2 years. The sweetest, smartest, most sincere guy you'd ever want to meet. Stephanie Adams, Deltona, Florida

To Brian's Family,
We worked with Brian at Tribune and are shocked and horrified of the news about Brian. He was one of the nicest guys we have ever known. We hope that you all can find comfort in knowing that while his life here with us was short, he lived a full life and gave to others in a way that most people don't or won't. He will be missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
;Mary and Kim, Orlando, Florida

Dear Karen and Lee
Don and I are so saddened by your loss. I know what it is like to have a child pass on. We hope the police will find the person responsible very soon. Don and MaryAlice Behe, Alexandria, Virginia

Dearest Karen, Lee and Renee,
You all and our beloved Brian are constantly in my thoughts. I am still at a loss for words to help comfort you. So I will just once again say I love all of you. Marji Rasmussen North Fort. Myers, Florida

Dear Aunt Karen,Uncle Lee,cousin Renee and Family.
May the Lord comfort you in your time of sorrow .Regretfully,I didn't have the chance to know him as so many did. Feel peace knowing that your dear Brian is watching over you from Heaven. I love you all,Bonnie Mason, Shelbyville, Tennessee

Everyone is devastated by Brian's death. No one can find the words to express the sadness and loss. Know that you are loved, Karen and Lee, and in this knowledge, gain strength and comfort. May God wrap you in Peace. Cat Powell, Port Charlotte, Florida
My sincere sympathy to the Duquette family. Anne Lavoy, Cape Coral, Florida

I had the pleasure of working with Brian on many projects throughout the years. He will be missed by many. May you find peace in this tragedy and the faith in knowing that God will provide answers when he is ready. My prayers are extended to you.
Dawn, Orlando, Florida
We are so sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Brian will definitely be missed he was a great guy. Love always Cherisse,Doug and Jeff (Pompano Beach FL)

Dear Lee and Karen
I Love You, I miss you, and I cannot wait to hug you both! I am so very sorry that your Beloved Brian was snatched from you.
I was Blessed to see him every day, and we had become very close, You are constantly in my thoughts and you are COVERED in prayer every day by me and many of my friends and family members. We will continue to pray for you and your family for our Loving Savior Jesus Christ to give you Comfort for your loss, Strength to celebrate Brian's life, Love showering you through family and friends, and Hope of everlasting life that believers of Jesus Christ share.
Brian and I spoke of Jesus together sharing our thoughts. That gives me comfort in my heartbreak.
God Loves You and So Do I.Lisa Roman, Orlando, Florida
Karen, Lee and Renee,
We are so sorry for the lost of your son and brother and our prayers are with you always. God Bless you all.
Love ya. Your cousins from Ansonia CT. Ronny and Dickie Marsh and Family

Words cannot express how sorry we are, our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. Remember all the good times we had at all the Easter picnic's. There is always so much good to remember. (Cherisse's Mom and Dad)Jane and Bruce Zabadal, Fresno, California

Karen, Lee, and Family, Words can not express how we fealties is such horrible news.....we wish we could be there for you but know that your in our thoughts and prayers. If there is anything at all that you need or anything that we can do for you please do not hesitate to let us know. Ernie and Debbie Smith, Hallstead, Pennsylvania

Karen and Lee and Family,
We are so sorry to hear of your loss. We will keep you all in our thoughts and prayers. Let us know if there is anything we can do for you. Joe and Judy Betts, Bainbridge, New York

Karen, Lee and Renee, I am truly sorry for the loss of your son and brother. Brian will be remembered in my prayers.
Richard Vickers, Plainville, Connecticut

Dear Lee and Karen,
Our thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of sorrow.
Al (Butch) and Kathy D'Amato Bristol. CT. Al D'Amato, Bristol, Connecticut

My Dearest Brother and Sister-in-Law, There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of you and Brian. I keep his picture close by and look at it every now and then. I don't need to be reminded of what a great guy Brian turned out to be because he was lucky enough to have two great parents. He turned out to be a great man just like his dad. Brian knew the meaning of life in so many ways and we can all learn from him. With all my Love, Your sister Lisa


A child who lived across the street from Brian,put sunflower seeds, a baseball and more under the flag in front of Brian's house. He also left a note that reads: "Mr. Brian - Thank you for always being nice to me and teaching me about electronics." Shane Roman

This is a poem Lisa Roman wrote as she reflected on how my neighbor Brian and I became very close friends.
It is titled

"A simple smile".

I was Blessed to see him every day waving as he passed.
Never thinking that today would be our very last.

Every day we see neighbors, co-workers, or perhaps a friend.
Never thinking how quickly one of there lives could come to an end.

The universal language is a simple, friendly smile.
It doesn't even take a whole long extra mile.

You'll never know what you would be missing if you busily just kept going.
All people are special and they are always worth knowing.

A smile or two, then simple conversations like "How are you today", years later turned into knowing Brian in such a special way.

I will hold tightly the wonderful memories of Brian as I try to cope.
I spoke of Jesus to him and that gives me such HOPE.

Brian was so special to me.
Never a kinder soul could he be.
My deepest sorrow and sympathy I send to his friends and family.

May he Rest in the PEACE that only Jesus Christ can give
And I pray that all who read this will trust in Jesus as they live.


Lisa Roman, Orlando, Florida

We will always love and miss you, Brian. You have been a loving son, brother, and uncle, and just a great all-around person with a lot of friends. You deserved a much longer life because you were a good, honest, and happy person on the path of achieving your dreams of success. We are proud of the man you became and will always love and miss you.
Mom, Dad, Renee, Kristen, and Alex
Love to Brian
I cannot stop thinking of you and how you died in pain.
I wish I could have said goodbye and hug and kiss you one more time, or better yet, protect you as a mother should, and undo this terrible wrong. They say time heals all sorrow and will help us through this, the worst time of my life, and I know I will continue to live, but for now I just exist because I miss you so much. I read your writing on happiness at your service, and I know I will be happy again, but not today, not for a long, long time. What it means to lose you, words cannot express. You have been my loving son, a caring brother and uncle, and a good, generous man in life. So many people are better off for having known you, and none of them will ever forget you.

I know you knew Dad and I love you, and we know you loved us. We will love and miss you forever.
Until I see you in heaven…………..Love from your heartbroken Mom
hugs & kisses to Brian from Mom
clipart - red angy face6/27/10 Today would be Brian Lee Duquette's 41st birthday, but he had to stop counting at age 39. Instead of celebrating Brian's birthday, the hole in our hearts just got even bigger today.

September 2010 - Dear Brian, You now have a Great-Nephew who  is named Anthony Brian in your honor. It is not the same as having you around, but I wanted you to know because your niece did a really nice thing when naming her first child. We miss you so much. We think about you every day, and our love for you will never end.

clipart - red angy face6/27/11 Today would be Brian Lee Duquette's 42nd birthday, and the hole in our hearts just got even bigger today. There is no such thing as closure, even though we got justice.
clipart - red angy face6/27/12 Today would be Brian Lee Duquette's 43rd birthday, but he had to stop celebrating at age 39. Damn you Douglas Lively, I hope your birthdays are rotten along with all of your days as a matter of fact. You do not deserve anything good in your life because you have cheated the world out of all the good things Brian was doing for this world.
clipart - red angy face6/27/13 Today would be Brian Lee Duquette's 44st birthday. Time goes on, and our life goes on, but it will never be the same without Brian. The hole in our hearts just got even bigger today. Soon we won't have any heart left. it does not get any easier.
clipart - red angy face6/27/14 Today would be Brian Lee Duquette's 45th birthday if not for Douglas Lively. It is very difficult to accept that in another week it will be six years without Brian in our lives. But Brian is always in our hearts and thoughts. I am not sure how we manage to go on without him. I guess it is just because we don't have a choice.
clipart - red angy face6/27/15 Today would be Brian Lee Duquette's 46th birthday if not for Douglas Lively. It is still very difficult to accept that in another week it will be 7 years without Brian in our lives. But Brian is always in our hearts and thoughts. I am not sure how we manage to go on without him. I guess it is just because we don't have a choice.
clipart - red angy face6/27/16 Today would be Brian Lee Duquette's 47th birthday if not for Douglas Lively. Eight years have gone by and we still cry every day for him, and we hurt because he fought for his life and died in pain. As his mom, I still have nightmares about that. But Brian is always in our hearts and thoughts. We do smile and laugh when we talk about the good times with our son, but it is so hard being without him.

September 2016 - My dear Brian, you just became a Great-Uncle once again, because Kristen has given Anthony a sister - Gabriella Lee. You were such a wonderful, caring, loving uncle to Kristen and Alex. It just isn't right that Anthony and Gabriella do not get the same privilege. You are missed by so many people.

clipart - red angy face6/27/17 Today would be Brian Lee Duquette's 48th birthday if not for Douglas Lively. Nine years have gone by and we still cry every day for him, and we hurt because he fought for his life and died in pain. Brian is always in our hearts and thoughts. We do smile and laugh when we talk about the good times with our son, but it is so hard being without him.
clipart - red angy face6/27/18 Today would be Brian Lee Duquette's 49th birthday if not for Douglas Lively. The pain of losing him has not gone away, neither has our hatred for Douglas Lively. And don't anyone tell us that hate is wrong. In most cases it is, but we are more than justified to hate Douglas.
clipart - red angy face6/27/19 Today would be Brian Lee Duquette's 50th birthday if not for Douglas Lively. We really wonder what he would look like today. We know he would be successful in business, because he was smart and on the right track. Would he be in love and have a family? We will never know.
clipart - red angy face6/27/20 Today would be Brian Lee Duquette's 51th birthday. I still get sick to my stomach at the name of Douglas Lively. Oh Brian, you would really be enjoying Anthony and Gabriella as much as you enjoyed Kristen and Alex.
clipart - red angy face6/27/21 Today would be Brian Lee Duquette's 52nd birthday. Not only is this date hard for the entire family, but so is Thanksgiving, Christmas and all days really. Love and miss you more than words can say.
Brian Duquette's afterglow message to all
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